About Us

The Theology is a christian forum for bible questions and answers.

Visitors are free to ask questions, comment, and answer (with reference). All answers are open to judgement. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down to express your opinion though opinions are never to be considered as authoritative or necessarily true. Clarity should be expounded upon through comments.

Unlike CARM or GotQuestions, we want dialog between visitors. That means You ask your question and/or give answers to others’ with love & reference. So all are welcome including professors, students, pastors, laymen, muslims, agnostics, & atheists etc.

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The Beginning

As a new child in faith, Tarrence’s inclination to study scripture, watch sermons, debates, and conferences eventually lead him to great resources to answer tough biblical questions:

After hearing a few Q&A sessions it quickly became one of his favorite modes of learning, so he decided to share videos that helped him on the YouTube channel.

In 2015, the attention around the YouTube channel led him to create thetheology.org for our edification.

Essentially, TheTheology.org strives to spark conversation on important topics in light of truth. Us Christians are dedicated to the Lord’s Great Commission via love and sound doctrinal discipleship which leads us to all kinds of questions. So Join the discussion!

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