3 Days and Nights Common Idiom/Colloquialism?

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The Messiah said that 3 night times would be involved with His time in the “heart of the earth”. There are those who believe that the Messiah died on the 6th day of the week and who think that the “heart of the earth” is referring to the tomb or at the earliest to the time between the leaving of His spirit from His body and His resurrection on the 1st day of the week. However, this belief allows for only 2 night times to be involved. To reconcile this discrepancy some say that the Messiah was using common Jewish idiomatic/figure of speech/colloquial language of the time.

I am simply asking for examples to support that assertion; i.e., instances where a daytime or a night time was forecast to be involved with an event when no part of the daytime or no part of the night time could have occurred.


Often we make anachronistic errors, what ancient Jews meant by “day” is different from what we mean by “day”. This is why its a problem now and was never bought up in the first centuries of christian history. Luke is a great example, they did not require someone to literally say “daytime” or “day” either ,”today” or “tomorrow” would work in their system.

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