Answering the Biggest Objections to Christianity


Some objections seem challenging to the Christian God, that is until you honestly consider the Bible. Ravi Zacharias responds (summaries below):

1. Some say science closes the gap of “what we don’t know – which is what religion used to do – will God eventually be unneeded as we learn more through science? (2:54)

Ravi: Long answer see for yourself  😛

2. Jesus never directly, explicitly, word for word say “I am God” what’s your response? (17:27)

Ravi: John 20:28-29 Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (also Mark 9, Matthew 16)

3. How do you respond to non believers who claim Christians are hateful people who do not support lifestyles opposed to their faith? (20:35)

Ravi explains the Logical Problem, Theological Problem, & Relational Problem of the social issue of our time and their version of “tolerance”

4. What advice can you give to local churches considering that culture is much more impacted by music & arts instead of logic? (31:55)

Ravi: watch “let us never judge what we ought to do by the arts”

5. Explain the difference between the drastic Wrathful God of the Old Testament and the gracious God of the New Testament (39:48)

Ravi: watch “It is a false dichotomy…”; “Hosea, it is the most magnificent exposition of the love of God…”

6. Why is the path to heaven so narrow if God is so loving? (48:28)

Ravi: “Truth by definition will always be restricted”; “whenever you get a legitimate currency, there will always be those who create a counterfeit. It really is not so narrow to me… It would be narrow if I had to adhere to a law of rules… the grace of God is the most abundant gift”

7. How do you deal with a hurt person who feels God would never let them feel pain or trauma (53:54)

Ravi: you cant believe that, if you assume evil you assume good, then you necessarily have a moral law as a point of reference that differentiates between good and evil, and then you necessarily have a moral law giver “there is no absolute morality without God, its not logically consistent…”; “what has ultimately caused evil in this world is our departure of God…”

8. Are believers called to be Passivists in military services? (1:09:18)

Ravi: “in a world so far away from God, our nation needs a strong military to protect it….”; “I believe in the just war theory, though I respect passivists…”

9. How do students the next generation study and approach those who are skeptical to the faith, how do we share our faith without getting judged as a socially awkward religious kid? (1:15:07)

Ravi: “to the young i will say, learn to read well and select authors well because in reading you get exact expressions…”; “read the bible and get to know it”; “read devotional material”; “find the right kind of mentor… who will be transparent”; “be active as a young person in your church where your treasure is, your heart is also”;  “select your friends wisely & learn to give”; “select your partner wisely!”

10. When it says Christ is the son of God I don’t understand, what does Son mean? (1:24:05)

Ravi: “Have you got our book Beyond Opinion?”

“If God was a monad who would he love? Love needs a significant other…the infinite would then need a finite to express love…”; “in the Trinity you have unity where there is love, equal in essence and triune in person…” “he’s 1 in one sense and 3 in another sense…”

From “Answering the Biggest Objections to Christianity – Dr Ravi Zacharias”. Refer to the video for more.


I doubt Faith is a reliable pathway to truth. Science has been closing the gap and the clock is ticking on the christian faith.

sounds like you have faith in science

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