Do you believe that those books about coming back from hell are real and legitimate?

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Do you believe that those books about coming back from hell are real & legitimate? And if so, how do you know they’re true, knowing that the Bible speak so little about heaven.


No. The devil would love for anyone to believe an experience instead of the Bible. I think that is his goal in these deceptions. I also think that many of these stories lack the Gospel call. They talk about living a better life so you don’t go to Hell, but they don’t often talk about faith in Christ. Though some do.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say they are Satanic in origin. They could just be brought about by near-death hallucination.

Maybe. But I know that many near death experiences of people going to Heaven often include a light being who is all about love. The light being confirms each person in their own religion and basically teaches that all religions are the same/valid.

Since the Bible says that the devil is an angel of light, seeking to deceive people, it sounds like his schemes.

Not every experience may be due to him, but it sounds like many are.

Kaisa, if it’s hallucination, that makes sense that it would confirm them in their own religion. Because it comes from the person’s own mind, which presupposes that their religion is true.

One experience was of an atheist who was greeted by a being of light who taught him that all religions lead to the truth and that we are god, in a sense.

Considering that so many share the same experience with a being of light who is all about love, affirming them in their religion or all religions, it’s safe to say that would be a scheme of satan and not just a hallucination.

The Bible says visions are from neocromancer s and the punishment is death by stoning. The same is true for fortune-tellers the Septugint says the we’re tranquollists and threw thier voices to make it seem as if it were coming from a tomb or grave.


Probably no more real than the ones about coming back from heaven.


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