Genesis flood – killing everything even innocent children?

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First and foremost I believe in good and that all are born good but during the path of life we decide what path to take, good or bad. Its a sin to kill, then how come god ended all life except those on the boat with Noah? This I do not understand!


That’s where you and scripture differ. The bible says that mankind is evil and has been evil since the fall. Read Genesis 6:5 it even gives God’s reason for the flood. As far as children, God owns them wouldn’t you agree he has the right to end their life? He made and owns all of creation.

First thanks for taking your time to answer. You say he owns us and creations, is that your intepretation or something I can read about? That sounds like being a slave and that we are his posessions? And since we are slaves he can do what ever he wants with us? How can this justify slaying a small child that does not even know what evil is? If I create a child,a life , does this mean I have the right to slain my own child? I am not here to judge, I just question our excistens and try to understand things that is bothering me. I will now do some bible reading and I must admit I have alot of catching up. I will ask more later on.

You reproducing a child is not the same as God actually creating humanity, life, and earth itself. Since we did not create these things we are not in God’s position. But it actually goes further than that, not only creating us he sustains our existence with his power. So we are his property, if he calls for us to die in his flood he’s taking what is rightfully his. Do you think we can demand things from God? Psalm 24:1, Hebrews 2:10, and Genesis 1 are good to read about God’s creation and ownership.

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