How can God be 3 Persons?

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How can God be 3 persons yet one? That sounds like 3 gods which is a contradiction.
Just explain the triune aspect of the trinity or in other words how can 1 God also exist as 3 persons…

and can God then become more?


Where does Jesus Say He is God in the Bible (related question)


This is the hudge problem of this Trinty doctrine. Why? Because people don’t let the Bible interpreted itself. 1. The word Trinty never appear in the Bible. 2. Never you can find that Jesus has spoke with the Holy Spirit,or the Father speak with the Holy, or both of them speak to him. The Holy Spirit also didn’t speak with them. If the Holy Spirit is a person,and not just a person but a god, like you call it. Why this god has never been spoken!! 3. If the Holy Spirit is a person, why the first time he ascending himself like a fire-tree (bush) that burn,has talk with Moses?And why the Holy Spirit ascending on Jesus like a dove? And why like a toungh of fire on the disciples of Jesus?  Why he didn’t come down before Jesus was raised up to heaven? Where can I find in the Bible that Jesus says that we are three in one? My friends ask God for WISDOM. We are living in the End of the Times. I’m here because God has shown me this side. Follow Jesus not what people think of says.

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