If God is a spirit that fills the universe, are humans fragments of God’s spirit?

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In Jeremiah 23:24 God declares, “Do I not fill heaven and earth?”

If God is a spirit that fills the universe, where do our spirits live? Are we intermingling with God’s spirit? Are we fragments of God’s spirit? Can spirits compete for the same spatial dimension?

Satan is a spirit. Is Satan a fragment of God’s spirit? How could God’s spirit exist in the same spatial dimension as Satan’s spirit?


This is saying that God is everywhere. He surrounds his creation since his essence lacks spatial dimensions, that does not mean that his creation are a part of him. God does dwell within his people but that is also not saying that his people are God, I hoped I helped, I think the difference is clear.

Satan is a spirit but satan is not omnipresent. He is only in one location at one point in time.


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