Never Sin Again?

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Is it possible to stop sinning all together? I never read anything about being perfect or sinless but I assume we at least have the tools for such since the Holy Spirit dwells within & we have scripture which makes us complete 2 Tim 3:16-17

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Saul thought he was following God when he slaughtered Christians and assisted in the stoning of Steven he thought he was living a near perfect life and suddenly God spoke to him and said why are you persecuting me?

Instead of persisting as many did believing that whatever voice he heard surely wasn’t of God He submitted and turned his life around and wrote many letters that stood the test of time and teach comfort and console us even today.

As long as you read the bible pray and follow in God’s footsteps your as close to perfect as you can get. You will probably make many changes in your walk as you grow closer to God and find more understanding in his word but it’s important to “lean not on your own understanding” as the bible says because it’s far too easy to come up with what the bible is saying in our own terms and mess things up or even harm other’s.

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