To What Extent Must a Woman Submit to Others

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To what extent must a woman submit to anyone who is not God, her pastor, or her husband?
Furthermore, is submission acting on someone else’s will or changing one’s mind altogether and forcing oneself to agree with them?


Submission is null, as we understand it. The bible was written during different traditions and ground beliefs so at times it may sound as if “hey a woman’s place is in the kitchen” but even in biblical times there were female judges responsible for the faith and belief of thousands.

The bible often says submit yourselves to one another or submit yourself a sacrifice to God I don’t think God see’s women as dependant or held underfoot to be trampled upon and infact God even submitted himself to be born unto a woman. “Husbands and wives submit yourselves to one another” Ephesians 5:21.

I don’t believe that one or the other should be held to any position or expected to follow one path or the other just look at the story of Jacob and Esau or Cain and Able. Now of course we humans had decided upon the specific roles of men and women and the bible was written to suit that just as we have 4 different accounts of the story of Jesus because each was to a people of a different mindset.

I imagine that in biblical times there were women warriors leaders and forward thinkers but unfortunately sometimes to tell a story we have to be very careful of the audience it’s targeting.

Simply put God wants us all to be respectful of each other and to treat them the way he would in other words submit or submission. Just as God submitted himself to come and be the sacrifice to carry all our sins and free us from eternal death

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