Victims of Science

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how can we help people  who lost faith due to science  and scientists  such as Dawkins, Kaku, Neil Degrasse,Bill Nye?

and things like carbon dating and scriptures stating that god wasnt  crucified  or that he was  unearthed  and drug around town on a chariot before being buried in a garderner’s  soil and other stuff like that ?


wait, what scripture says God wasn’t crucified?

I will try find it again but when looking up josephus i stumbled upon some passage that stated that jesus was taken out of his grave and then given to guards to drag around with chariots to ridicule and humiliate his corpse and then was buried in a garden prior to his disciples finding the empty tomb . Edit: noticed the link was broken

well i couldnt find anything so maybe i misread something

well i dont think it was a scripture but i think i found what i talked about in november i think it was Celsus , who wrote the things against jesus as well as him being the child of adultery son of a soldier called panthera.


Many objections to the faith from that group are completely false & they contradict science themselves.

We have debunked their objections many times, don’t assume what they say is true, they have been refuted.

Checkout Jason Lisle, he’s a scientist & pretty great resource… there are others too

There are many arguments for and against. Just because it is made does not mean it is true. You have to discern through the assumptions and rhetoric from anyone. For example #3 on the patheos site you posted is not event a counter argument. They just pointed out that Dr. Mary Schweitzer has a different conclusion than Ham. So you have to be thoughtful when someone makes claims.

it still seems like a solid done study though , do dinosaurs and comets disprove god’s creation dates?


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