What is Good Friday?

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What’s the deal with Good Friday? I know Jesus died Friday, but is it supposed to be a holiday especially being close to Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Its an odd phenom how is it observed?


Friday is just a day like the others day. Only Saturday is appart of the other days. Remember my friends that the days in Jesus days there wasn’t wotch or clock.  So it is just as the Bible teached. The day will changed by sunset to sunset. So when the sun goes down is a new day beginning till it goes down again. Go read the fourth commandment. Exodus 20.

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Wasn’t Jesus killed on “Good Friday”? I think that was the point.

  • It is a Holy Day and like all days we should worship God and praise his mighty plan. It is a Good day because Jesus’s crucifixion was Gods plan being full filled.


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