Why have kids if there is a chance they will go to hell?

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I have a question. If God elects those who will be saved. Why have kids if there is a chance they will go to hell?

and also do you actually love GOD or are you just afraid of going to hell for eternity?


people can sugarcoat the gospel all day but the need of repentance must be included in preaching the cross, this is what turns folks off . I have to preach the full gospel with loving kindness but the subject of hell must be there . (  Jesus said a it is place of weeping and gnashing of teeth .. plus don’t forget
those in hell get judged and thrown the lake of fire by Christ REVELATION 20:11-14
do I fear and love God? absolutely
I fear his wrath Matthew 10:28

but I also love his precious gift of salvation given by Jesus
he took for me the penalty of sin on the cross,
and I want to serve Him completely with all my heart

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