Why have kids if there is a chance they will go to hell?

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I have a question. If God elects those who will be saved. Why have kids if there is a chance they will go to hell?

and also do you actually love GOD or are you just afraid of going to hell for eternity?

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Also this means that we believe that there are babies in the womb who are being formed but God hates them and knows they are going to hell for eternity so it is pointless for them to live. Also isn’t that messed up if that is true and he is allowing the baby to be born knowing it will go to hell but is using it for his glory? huh

Wouldn’t you love someone if they said I will burn you alive if you don’t?

one thing is certain too many choose to try use fear to convert others wich is terrible and actually has the opposite result, as far as I have read hell isn’t a hellfire place but rather a dimension absent of god a dark cold place pretty much , and god is fair hence why he created his laws in a way to ensure salvation , basically the only way to go to hell is to reject god in its entirety as well as commit mortal sin such as murder.


Why have any kids if there’s a chance they can go to hell?

Life is the greatest gift. Because someone chooses to abuse the gift, is not a reason to not give it.

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