Why Pray if God predestined the future?

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Out of curiosity, as I’m new to Calvinist doctrine and beliefs, what is the purpose of praying for things to happen if God has already predestined them to?


Why pray if God predestined the future? In order to answer this question I must understand what predestination means, not within Christianity alone but also through the secular use of it. We have to be careful with the concept we have about predestination and what the Bible defines as predestination. Definition #1: “the doctrine that God in consequence of his foreknowledge of all events infallibly guides those who are destined for salvation” Definition #2: “the belief that everything that will happen has already been decided by God or fate and cannot be changed” Definition #3: “fate; destiny” When I read the Bible in its entirety, I see that God has destined all people to become His sons and daughters. However, I also believe in the gift of free will that God gives to all people. I think we Christians misunderstand the concept of knowing all things with God predestining all things to happen. To believe that God has predestined some people to go to heaven while predestining others to hell is to deny all the Scriptures that point to a merciful and gracious God. There are events in the Bible that will happen no matter what we believe. However, there are things that God wills them to happen that may not happen based on the decisions that people make. Predestination is a challenging topic because the questions asked are often too broad. God predestined that His Son would one day come to earth to save humanity, and it happened such as other promises God made.


Because there are multiple universes and dimensions and every time we make a decision it creates another universe that branches off of that decision and… well not really but my enjoyment of science fiction over the years does help me to understand an infinite omnipresent being who cares for us far better than we deserve and more than we will ever know and prayer is simply communication with Him. We state our desires needs and wants and it provides a simple cathartic release.

God has a great plan for us just as it says in the bible, during the worst years for Israel in the dark book of Jeremiah one verse stands out among the others. For I know the plans I have for you sayeth the Lord plans to benefit you and not to harm you and when you pray to me I will listen. Even when Israel had turned it’s back on God He never forgot them just as he does for us today. If your a music person I suggest the song Pitaful by Blindside or merely reading the lyrics as its is a beautiful rendition of how God never gives up on us.

I believe God in his infinite wisdom has an unending list of plans for us and our future and if we follow him completely he rewards us and uses us to be a light to those around us but if we faulter and mess things up he’s always got another plan for us.

While he can see into the future I believe it’s more of a sci-fi vision because he created us to be beings of free will and therefore he can see a varying degree of futures if everything was set in stone then why bother with writing the bible or miracles or communication at all.

We don’t understand a lot about God and no amount of technology or knowledge is going to help us as the bible says he gave the apostles the full knowledge of the bible and yet they continued to pray to him.

If your looking for an inspiring story on the power of prayer I would suggest George Mueller


One reason is that we are told to do so. Also, God can honor prayer, if he chooses……and even pre-empt nature, i.e. Miracles!  We must remember that though He has revealed his nature, there is much mystery left that we will not know. We cannot explain the Trinity, the triune essence of the Godhead, nor can we understand the mystery as to how the Son could be forsaken  on the cross. It would seem that the Son is separated from the Father! Mystery! We have been given much in natural and written revelation.  We need to focus on what we do understand and leave the rest to YHWH, and the Son, Christ, and the Spirit, the third Holty person.  We should give thanks that we are invited before the Sacred Throne and that Jesus modeled prayer for us, the one we labeled The Lords prayer or the Our Father. Actually, it was primarily a pattern or model for which the disciples had asked.  The High Priestly, or actual Lords Prayer, in my thinking is in John 17. In the prayers of Jesus, we find that we should pray prayers of intercession. That tells me that we know we can and should. As to how God handles it……its a mystery!

We can understand how the Son could be forsaken on the cross (not in full depth of course) & do you think YHWH is purely the Father’s name or is it applied to each person of the Trinity?


Curiosity does not qualify for an answer to the concepts of Almighty God.


You are right to think God has predestined things to happen in eternity past but God also uses means.

We should be careful & try not to favor 1 doctrine and forget other truths. God is pleased to use our prayers as a means of accomplishing his work. Matthew 7:7-8


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