Why would anyone be a Catholic?

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What is so attractive about Catholicism? There are so many theological errors in that religion (mixed in with some truths) that it bewilders me why people would depart from evangelicalism (with all its shortcomings) to join this highly ritualistic and legalistic religion.


I think the music and liturgy is appealing and in some cases better. To some it also appears more unified than a bunch of tiny presbyterian denominations squabbling over theological details, which can be an attraction. And no, I’m not going RC… I expect we would agree on most of their problems.

misunderstanding of theology maybe?

I think people are attracted to the ritual, the liturgy, the tradition,the history, and the iconography and art. I don’t think theology has very much to do with it at all because I think most Catholics are not really that concerned or knowledgeable about the details of their theology, they’re not encouraged to study Scripture like Protestants are.

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