Why would anyone be a Catholic?

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What is so attractive about Catholicism? There are so many theological errors in that religion (mixed in with some truths) that it bewilders me why people would depart from evangelicalism (with all its shortcomings) to join this highly ritualistic and legalistic religion.


I have a dear friend who is a cradle Catholic. We have “discussed” similarities and differences for over 20 years. I think most who are RC are so by having been reared so. Some have very little knowledge of theology, but that is also true of Baptist. I was SB for my first 60 years. I am now PCA….which is reformed. I love apologetics, but many evangelicals don’t ……similar to the majority of RC believers. This may be some help in considering the question.

I’d like to see the Catholic stats. How many converts in the past 20 years were raised in other religions.

Im in SBC myself, we’re reformed.

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